Experienced Flint, MI Bankruptcy Attorney Helps You Deal with Financial Struggles
In the era of financial distress, it is no surprise people cannot afford to pay top dollar for legal services. The sad truth is a lot of people struggling to make ends meet and pay their bills could not even afford to file for bankruptcy if they wanted to.
The best Flint, MI bankruptcy attorneys work closely with clients to stay within their budgets and keep the cost of filing for bankruptcy down. They ensure that bankruptcy is a viable option and that the benefits of filing are available to you when you need them the most.
Bankruptcy provides many benefits for those who are dealing with financial struggles. It can:

  • End creditor harassment and the daily calls you receive about paying your bills
  • Stop foreclosure and other debt collection actions that are wreaking havoc in your life
  • Help you get organized and get your debt under control
  • Protect your home and other assets
  • Take a tenuous financial situation and turn it into something that gives you hope for a brighter future
  • Flint, MI Bankruptcy Attorney Guides You through the Complicated Process of Filing for Bankruptcy
    Did you know that you could be accused of bankruptcy fraud even if you have no intention of being dishonest?
    This is because the process is so complex. What seems like it should be a simple process is governed by a set of laws that likely make no sense unless you have been dealing with them for years. This is what makes a bankruptcy attorney such a valuable resource.
    Contact an Experienced Flint, MI Bankruptcy Attorney to Discuss Your Options
    John Streby has practiced law in Flint for more than 35 years. He has worked out of the same location for the last 24 years.
    When you work with him you deal directly with him. He does not hand cases off to associates or pass you along to another firm. He believes bankruptcy law is a hands-on endeavor and does everything he can to stay accessible to his clients – including answering his own phones and scheduling his own appointments!
    To schedule a face-to-face meeting or learn more about how bankruptcy might help you, call John at 810.767.2700.

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