Dedicated Flint, Michigan Bankruptcy Attorney with over 35 Years of Experience

Flint Bankruptcy and Consumer Attorney Helps Clients with Debt Relief

Hoping to help improve the quality of life of local Flint, Michigan residents, John Streby primarily focuses his practice on bankruptcy, consumer protection and debt relief legal matters. When appropriate, he may recommend using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a faster and more cost-effective alternative to litigation. John Streby also works through limited scope representation which provides for residents with modest financial means to accomplish necessary legal tasks without having to pay ongoing, expensive legal fees.

Ideal Office Setting Next to Lake Heron

The office of John Streby Attorney at Law is close to the Huron-Manistee National Forests
and Lake Heron. This picturesque setting can provide a calm place to discuss litigation, divorce matters and debt. Close by attractions may also draw in clients, such as:

  • Flint Crepe Company – A local establishment that serves locally sourced ingredients and homemade food, this location is among the top ten Michigan coffee shops and serves fresh crepes that are sweet and savory.
  • Halo Burger – Home of Michigan’s best olive burger, this establishment also serves double burgers, chicken sandwiches and cheese fries and tots. It is a local favorite and it has served the olive burger since 1923.
  • The Dryden Building – This business specializes in construction and real estate matters. There are art murals and pop-up shops within the building.

Mr. Streby’s office is also at the center of the legal arena. Nearby legal buildings include:

  • Office of Disability Adjudication and Review – Residents can learn about Social Security and retirement by talking to the Social Security representatives at this office.
  • US Bankruptcy Court Clerk – Bankruptcy attorney like John Streby interacts with the US bankruptcy court clerk to file cases, proof of claims, appointment of trustees and emergency notifications for court matters.
  • US District Court Clerk – This court clerk provides access to filing cases without a lawyer, provides information about jury duty and helps residents find public records. This office uses an online filing system for new cases.
  • 67th District Court – A center dedicated to preserving and enhancing the outstanding quality of life in the local community, this court is cost-effective and provides services to promote the safety and stability of citizens.
  • Secretary of State Office –This office provides business registration services and can also provide information about local elections.

How to Get to John Streby Attorney at Law

John Streby Attorney at Law office is located at 444 Church St. Ste. 201, Flint, MI 48502, United States.
You can find the office with the following directions:

From Mt Holly Ewanvill Rd.

Head west on Mt Holly Ewanvill Rd./Powell Rd. toward Gloucester Ct.

Continue onto Mill St.

Turn left to stay on Mill St.

Continue onto Washington St.

From Garden St.

Head southwest on Garden St. toward Risdon St.

Turn left onto High St.

Turn right onto Washington St.

If you have trouble locating our office or you would like to arrange a private consultation, call John Streby Attorney at Law in Flint, Michigan at 810-767-2700.

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