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Genesee County Bankruptcy Attorney Can Assess Your Financial Situation

Most people experience a tight financial situation on occasion, but for some it never seems to get better. Try as they might, their finances continue to worsen and it becomes a daily struggle to deal with calls from creditors and pending legal action.

The good news is, even in the worse financial circumstances, there is something you can do. For some, bankruptcy is the cure for ongoing financial struggles. It provides the opportunity to get a fresh start and put the difficulties of financial turmoil behind you.

If you are facing ongoing financial challenges and they seem to only get worse, bankruptcy might be right for you. A Genesee County bankruptcy attorney can help you explore your options and determine if bankruptcy is the next best step in your situation.

Reputable Genesee County Bankruptcy Attorney Explains the Bankruptcy Filing Process

One of the toughest parts about filing for bankruptcy understands the process. There are a lot of misconceptions about bankruptcy and unfortunately, the things people believe that are false often keep them from filing.

In order to make the best decision in your situation, you need to speak to someone who is an expert in bankruptcy. A Genesee County bankruptcy attorney can explain the benefits of filing, help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you and if so, which chapter will benefit you most, and assist you in filing.

Filing for bankruptcy might seem simple, but the truth is, like most aspects of the judicial system, the process is quite complicated. And if you make a mistake when you file, even if it is an honest mistake, it can cost you a lot.

Forgetting debts or assets or mis-listing them can result in your case being dismissed or worse, you being accused of bankruptcy fraud. You will find yourself in a worse situation than you were before you decided to file for bankruptcy.

The solution to avoiding problems when you file for bankruptcy? Work with an experienced attorney who can explain the process and ensure that filing goes smoothly. An attorney will review your forms for filing and make sure they are accurate and complete. This prevents unexpected problems and delays in your bankruptcy case, and gets you one step closer to financial freedom sooner rather than later.

Contact a Genesee County Bankruptcy Attorney to Discuss What You Can Do to Improve Your Financial Situation

John has practiced law in Genesee County for more than 35 years. He works directly with clients and never hands over cases to associates or other law firms. His goal is to stay accessible to his clients, so he answers his own phones, schedules his own appointments, and meets face-to-face with clients as often as necessary.

He believes every case presents a unique set of circumstances and considers it essential to enable clients to not only know how their case will proceed, but to understand how various factors could impact the results they might achieve through the court system.

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