As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect individuals and businesses, more people are looking to the internet for resources to fight debt and bankruptcy . Attorney John Streby understands the need for qualified bankruptcy law advice at this time and provides online bankruptcy filing advice to enable fast and efficient debt relief.

In the course of planning for debt relief, you may come across online platforms offering DIY bankruptcy filing. But these documents do not exactly ask in-depth questions that help to use a bankruptcy filing tailor-made for you.


When you use our online bankruptcy services, you will be speaking with a licensed attorney who is familiar with all the state laws that are relevant to your bankruptcy proceeding. Through a questionnaire that details similar questions an experienced attorney would ask in a face to face meeting, we will understand your situation and the advice you need.

While filing for bankruptcy with our online service offering, you get a top-notch bankruptcy proceeding anchored by one of Michigan’s leading law firms to assure you of quick and efficient debt relief. John Streby has more than 30 years of experience in bankruptcy law and practice. He can put this experience to work on your behalf and help you draw up a debt relief plan that is perfect for your situation.

Convenient and Valid
Online Bankruptcy proceedings are becoming popular because of their convenience. You can have all the documents you need to be prepared without leaving home. John Streby, Attorney at Law began to offer these online services because of the increasing need for legal consultations amid the COVID-19 pandemic. People are not able to appear in person for these consultations because of the need to curb the spread of the virus.

To ensure clients are not left without this crucial service, John Streby is now offering online bankruptcy law consultations.This way, you can receive the advice you need to plan for bankruptcy without compromising your health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although this was the initial reason for the service, other people can also benefit from this convenience. People who are:

  • Not available during office hours
  • Having personal challenges
  • Out of the country.

John Streby is passionate about clientsobtaining the legal advice they need regardless of the difficulties of this period. This is why he offers this online service and the relief of swift debt management.

Comprehensive Legal Advice and Guidance
Tackling your bankruptcy filing does not have to be complicated. John Streby can guide you through the process and provide legal advice that directly addresses your particular situation. He can help you identify if filing for bankruptcy is the best option for your situation and which type of bankruptcy solution you should go with. He will also walk you through the process before and after discharge from bankruptcy.

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Here at Streby Law, we believe the practice of law is a hands-on endeavor. We, therefore, consider it essential that our clients not only know how their case will proceed but also understand how various factors may impact the results they might achieve. If you would like to know more about our online bankruptcy filing services, contact us at 810-767-2700 to schedule a free consultation.
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1. How do Online Bankruptcy Consultations work?

With our online legal consultation, you answer a variety of questions that give our attorney insight into your situation. You provide basic information about your finances so that evaluation can be carried out to see if you qualify for bankruptcy. Our lawyer will also ensure that you take the mandatory credit counseling before filing. This is to ensure you are aware of other debt-relief options. You also receive a certificate of course completion which is part of the documents shown if you decide to file for bankruptcy. All of this can be done online or over the phone.

2. What do I need to bring for my Virtual Consultation?

You need all of your information and documents available. From bank statements, unpaid bills, loan agreement, mortgage statement, tax returns to credit counseling certification (if this has been completed). It is necessary to also have all other related documents that may assist us in identifying the best solution for your bankruptcy case. It is also important to let us know and be transparent about any urgent issues that have come up about the case.

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